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Fogfehérítés és fogkőleszedés kezelésen jártam a Silver dent-ben! Profi munkát végeztek, minden rendben ment, az eredménnyel meg vagyok elégedve!😍 (Translated by Google) I went to Silver dent for teeth whitening and tartar removal! They did a professional job, everything went fine, I'm happy with the results! 😍Kitty Doncsev
Múlt héten voltam kezelésen a rendelőben, mert letörött a fogam és nagyon kétségbe voltam esve, de szerencsére rátaláltam a Silverdent rendelőre. Másnapra kaptam is időpontot, a doktornő pedig nagyon kedves, ügyes volt és megnyugtatott, hogy nem olyan nagy a baj. A kezelés nem fájt egyáltalán. A rendelő nagyon modern és tiszta. Mindenkinek ajánlom. (Translated by Google) Last week I was in the surgery because my teeth broke down and I was in great doubt, but fortunately I found the Silverdent office. I got a date the next day, and the doctor was very kind, smart and reassured that it wasn't that big. Treatment did not hurt at all. The office is very modern and clean. I recommend to everyone.Viktória Szitár
Nagyon igényes rendelő, átlagos magánrendelői áron rendkívül precíz és fájdalommentes kezelést kaptam. Visszajáró vendég vagyok, mivel fogszabályzóm is van 🙂 (Translated by Google) I received a very precise and painless treatment at a very demanding clinic, at an average private clinic price. I'm a returning guest because I have braces 🙂Szabolcs Antal

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Health, expertise, modern technologies, complex services and people-centred attitude. This is what Silver Dent dental clinic offers you. You will recognise your long-term dental partner in us in preventing oral and dental problems, professional and pain-free treatment and preserving your health! Our dentists are committed experts with vast professional knowledge, providing pain-free and all-round dental services to our Patients.

Our aim is to restore your smile with the best possible treatment. Without exception, our doctors take all the necessary time needed by the Patients to explain the treatments and possible procedures, even in the most trivial cases. At Silver Dent, we don’t treat Patients with the attitude of an assembly line, like many other clinics do. We guarantee the quality of our work and the materials used by us. Before the dental, periodontal, oral and facial aesthetics treatments, we conduct a detailed screening, then prepare a detailed, multistage treatment plan for the detected problems. We offer several options to suit yourneeds – whichever you choose, your oral and dental health is guaranteed.