We are going to give a short description of our treatments in the following, but it does not replace the FREE, personalised dental consultation. The dentists of Silver Dent are committed experts with vast professional knowledge, who also take their time providing detailed information on the proposed treatment. They patiently explain to you everything you need to know about the treatments in detail, answering all your questions.

Dental Fillings

Aesthetic fillings will not take up more of your time or energy, but the results speak for themselves, as you will not be able to tell which tooth was treated just by looking at it. At Silver Dent dental clinic, we use special, tooth-coloured composite materials for the fillings, which are characterised by high abrasion-resistance and solidity.

Root-Canal Treatment

Root-canal treatment is a procedure with which decayed, infected teeth can be saved. Thanks to the modern technologies used at Silver Dent dental clinic, there is a good chance that you may retain the root-canal treated teeth for years after the procedure. The treatment is absolutely pain-free, as it is done with the use of local anaesthetics. During the procedure, we remove the content of the pulp cavity, give a regular shape to the remaining root canal as much as possible, sanitise it with various chemicals, then fill it in.

We strive to make our patients smile healthy and brilliant!