We are going to give a short description of our treatments in the following, but it does not replace the FREE, personalised dental consultation. The dentists of Silver Dent are committed experts with vast professional knowledge, who also take their time providing detailed information on the proposed treatment. They patiently explain to you everything you need to know about the treatments in detail, answering all your questions.


Whatever the cause, losing out teeth is very traumatic. Many find the dental bridges and removable dentures used in tooth replacement uncomfortable or not satisfactorily aesthetical. Tooth replacement by dental implants ensures much more stability and comfort. Besides the complete sense of security, another great advantage of dental implants is their excellent aesthetics. Dental implants generally serve the improvement of the patients’ quality of life.

Dental implants are basically a kind of artificial tooth roots, which are secured to the jaw bone with a screw. After the complete recovery following the treatment, crowns, bridges or dentures can be anchored to the implant. A major advantage of implants is that tooth replacements don’t have to be anchored to the surrounding healthy teeth, and so they are left untouched. In ideal conditions, implants can be a life-time solution in the case of missing teeth.

Before the procedure, we check the condition of the patients without exception, we precisely map their anatomic characteristics with digital 3D CT X-ray, and collect detailed information on their general health condition with the help of a medical history sheet. All these help us to accurately determine / plan the ideal positioning of the implant.

The following dental implants are available at the clinic: Nobel Active (the world’s best implant system), Nobel Replace CC, AlphaBio

Wisdom Tooth Removal

In most cases, wisdom teeth are crooked, or there is not enough room in the mouth for them to grow properly. As a result, they frequently damage the adjacent teeth, or cause all the teeth to shift (and get misaligned). We accurately determine the position of the wisdom teeth with our digital 3D CT X-ray, and if necessary, we will propose their removal. We use local anaesthetics during the procedure, and access the problematic tooth or root by opening up the gums, and by removing the bone if necessary. After removing the tooth, we close up the operation site with surgical stitching.

Root End Resection

Root end resection is the surgical removal of a part of the tooth root. This procedure might be necessary if there are inflammations or cystic anomalies near the root end, which are not likely to improve. Often this procedure is the “last resort” in keeping a tooth.

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