We are going to give a short description of our treatments in the following, but it does not replace the FREE, personalised dental consultation. The dentists of Silver Dent are committed experts with vast professional knowledge, who also take their time providing detailed information on the proposed treatment. They patiently explain to you everything you need to know about the treatments in detail, answering all your questions.

The aim of tooth whitening is to restore the original colour of the teeth, or make them even brighter. There are many things that can cause dental discolouration. Various food colourings, smoking, coffee, wine or drinking a lot of tea etc. can just as easily be a factor as the natural darkening (erosion) of the teeth that comes with aging. Calculus can also change the colour of the surface of the teeth, and in many cases, discolouration can be a side effect of various medications.
Several tooth whitening methods exist, all of which involve applying a gel-like substance to the surface of the teeth, which brightens the teeth with the help of the active oxygen ions it releases.

Today, tooth whitening is an absolutely risk-free procedure that does not damage the enamel. At Silver Dent clinic, two types of teeth whitening are available: in-clinic and at-home treatments.

In-Clinic Tooth Whitening

Choose this option if you would like to get amazing results in a shorter amount of time, or if the cause of discolouration calls for it. It is especially effective in the case of bleaching discolouration caused by smoking, coffee, tea or red wine. It is recommended to do periodical improvement treatments if you consume coffee or other colouring foods and beverages regularly, or you smoke.

Advantages of in-clinic tooth whitening:

  • you don’t have to bother with the bleaching gel at home,
  • you get the desired result in merely 1 hour,
  • there is no need to take impressions.

At-Home Tooth Whitening

The process of whitening your teeth at home is simple: as with any treatment, a specialist consultation is also necessary beforehand, during which the dentist will check the condition of your teeth and gives you detailed information on the at-home tooth whitening kits and their use.

As it involves the use of chemicals, medical supervision is necessary in every case – this way the treatment will be absolutely safe for you. In most cases, calculus removal is recommended before whitening treatment, so that we can whiten the beautiful, clean teeth.

After the consultation, the specialist takes an impression of the teeth, which is used to cast a special, custom-made whitening tray made of soft plastic, into which the bleaching solution will be injected.

After the tray is made, the specialist will demonstrate how and how much of the whitening solution has to be used, and how the tray has to be cleaned after each treatment.

The duration of use highly depends on the concentration of the gel and the desired results.

At-home tooth whitening can improve the colour of the teeth by several shades, over 3 nights on average. At-home tooth whitening is a safe, efficient and fast bleaching method if you follow the instructions of your dentist.

The results can be maintained for years, but this highly depends on your dietary and oral hygiene habits.

We strive to make our patients smile healthy and brilliant!