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To get an appointment to Silver Dent dentists our patients sometimes have to wait longer. In order to minimize the waiting time for our patients, please cancel the booked appointment at least 24 hours before the date of planned treatment if it has become unsuitable for you. If you do not do this, then we are very sorry to charge you a cancellation fee of 10 000 Ft.

Thank you very much for your understanding!

Consultation, diagnostics


instead of 25 000 Ft now only for 19 900 Ft

X-ray3 000 Ft
Panoramic X-ray6 000 Ft
Tele X-ray6 000 Ft
Consultation5 000 Ft
Consultation for surgery10 000 Ft
Cancellation fee10 000 Ft

General dentistry, fillings

Temporary cover filling3 500 Ft
Aesthetic filling 1 surface15 000 Ft
Aesthetic filling 2 surfaces18 000 Ft
Aesthetic filling 3 surfaces20 000 Ft
Aesthetic filling 4 surfaces23 000 Ft
Tooth building with a filling25 000 Ft
Gold inlay/onlay60 000 Ft + gold price
Gradia inlay/onlay50 000 Ft
Pressed ceramic inlay/onlay60 000 Ft

General dentistry, root canals

Trepanation 1 canal8 000 Ft
Trepanation 2 canals12 000 Ft
Trepanation 3 canals16 000 Ft
Wash-out + medication12 000 Ft
Definite root canal filling 1 canal20 000 Ft
Definite root canal filling 2 canals25 000 Ft
Definite root canal filling 3 canals30 000 Ft

Cosmetic dentistry

Tartar removal per jaw with air-flow – BEST OFFER

instead of  16 000 Ft now just for 12 000 Ft

Tartar removal per jaw8 000 Ft
Piercing for teeth10 000 Ft

In office whitening – BEST OFFER

instead of  79 000 Ft now only for 29 900 Ft

Home whitening75 000 Ft
Inner bleaching per tooth15 000 Ft

Oral surgery and implantation

Extraction15 000 Ft
Extraction – surgery30 000 Ft
Removal of a retineated tooth35 000 Ft

Implant screw AlphaBio – BEST OFFER

instead of  122 000 Ft now just for 98 000 Ft

Implant screw Nobel – BEST OFFER

instead of 200 000 Ft  now just for 160 000 Ft

Universal abutment (AlphaBio)40 000 Ft
Universal abutment (Nobel)80 000 Ft
Universal abutment zirconium (AlphaBio)80 000 Ft
Universal abutment zirconium (Nobel)100 000 Ft
Root apex resection35 000 Ft


Metall-ceramic crown, bridge unit49 000 Ft
Pressed ceramic crown, bridge unit79 000 Ft
Zircon crown, bridge unit79 000 Ft
Partial denture 2-5 teeth125 000 Ft
Partial denture from 6 teeth145 000 Ft
Full denture170 000 Ft
Full denture with gold net195 000 Ft
Reparature16 000 Ft


instead of 79 000 Ft  now just for 69 000 Ft


Orthodontic counsel, first examination5 000 Ft
Evaluation, planning20 000 Ft

Removable apparates

Passive removable orthodontic apparte per jaw45 000 Ft
Active removable orthodontic apparte per jaw55 000 Ft
Functional apparate125 000 Ft

Fix apparates

Multiband based orthodontic apparate (metall) per jaw170 000 Ft
Self ligating orthodontic apparate (metall) per jaw220 000 Ft
Aesthetic multiband based orthodontic apparate (ceramic)250 000 Ft
Aesthetic self ligating orthodontic apparate (ceramic) per jaw300 000 Ft
Removal of apparates75 000 Ft


Activation removable apparate10 000 Ft
Activation metal apparate10 – 17 000 Ft
Activation ceramic apparate20 – 28 000 Ft


Fix retainer65 000 Ft
Track (retainer)40 000 Ft
Activation for not our patientsfrom 12 000 Ft
Invisible orthodonticsindividual offer

We strive to make our patients smile healthy and brilliant!