We are going to give a short description of our treatments in the following, but it does not replace the FREE, personalised dental consultation. The dentists of Silver Dent are committed experts with vast professional knowledge, who also take their time providing detailed information on the proposed treatment. They patiently explain to you everything you need to know about the treatments in detail, answering all your questions.

Have you noticed that there are more and more adults wearing braces, even in your circles? That is not an accident. Orthodontics is not merely about aesthetics. In many cases, it is the only way to retain the health of your teeth. In case you have irregular teeth, orthodontics can be a great option for you, too. Orthodontic treatments can be applied any time, they don’t have an age limit. It is recommended to even correct irregularities and bite discrepancies that have been present for years or decades to restore ideal conditions, so that our teeth can endure the strain for a long time. Orthodontics also changes the aesthetics of our teeth, we will smile more easily and more frequently, which will improve our self-confidence and therefore our quality of life!

We strive to make our patients smile healthy and brilliant!