We are going to give a short description of our treatments in the following, but it does not replace the FREE, personalised dental consultation. The dentists of Silver Dent are committed experts with vast professional knowledge, who also take their time providing detailed information on the proposed treatment. They patiently explain to you everything you need to know about the treatments in detail, answering all your questions.


Maintaining healthy teeth starts with proper oral hygiene. One of the corner stones of sophistication and beauty is a brilliant set of teeth.

Properly brushing the teeth and regular oral hygiene treatments at the clinic are essential for adequate oral hygiene.

Unfortunately, regularly brushing the teeth is not enough to prevent calculus absolutely, which can lead to dental caries – it is recommended to regularly remove calculus in order to prevent this.

Oral hygiene treatment process:

We remove the calculus with an ultrasonic scaling technology, which does not harm the enamel of the teeth. After scaling, we remove stains with an intraoral sandblaster, then polish the teeth.

With this procedure, your teeth will regain their original colour – if you want even whiter teeth, it is recommended to undergo an additional whitening treatment after the calculus removal.

The treatment is followed by a professional oral hygiene consultation with our specialist, who will demonstrate the proper method of brushing teeth and the use of other oral care products.

We strive to make our patients smile healthy and brilliant!